Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diabetes - Not A Disease?

I need to vent a bit here. I had someone post a comment to one of my recent posts and in that comment, she said "Diabetic (I think she meant to say Diabetes) is not a disease, it is a metabolic disorder, where your blood sugar level can be easily maintained with dietary and lifestyle modifications."

Now I appreciate that I by creating this blog I am opening myself up to the rest of the world and have enabled people to post their comments on what I have to say. Most of the time, I welcome these comments. It definitely helps me to not feel so alone in all the stuff that I have to go through. And I believe that she started out her comment by telling me she had read my other posts on the blog. Well if that is in fact the case, then I guess she missed the fact that I have Type 1 Diabetes and REQUIRE medication to live my life, dietary and lifestyle modifications can not easily maintain my blood sugar levels. Why would someone say something like that to someone who is a Type 1 Diabetic? I don't get it!

Now I know I am splitting hairs here, and that Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, but come on. Isn't that just a fine point between disease and disorder. I may be overly sensitive but that comment and actually the entire tone of the comment, just made me angry. And happily enough I have this blog to post about my anger! Yipee for me! And this disorder that I live with everyday!

So, please feel free to continue to post comments on what I might write, but please think about what are saying before you hit the send button. That's all I am asking here!


  1. Of course, if you define "lifestyle modification" as checking your BG ten times a day, constantly monitoring yourself and taking 4+ injections daily, and "dietary modification" as calculating the nutrition content of everything you eat and always keeping fast-acting carbs handy to keep from passing out, then I guess we can get by with "lifestyle and dietary modifications".

    My usual reply to people like that is, yes, I could go on the world's healthiest diet and become an olympic athlete, but I still would be dead in 24 hours without insulin.

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